ShadowWorld, a Diceless Role Playing Game

"... our world, except for the Truth that lives in the world of shadows, the ShadowWorld, where Nothing Is What It Seems."


My page has been redesigned to better control its layout. The page is divided into three parts: Mainmenu or Nav Bar, Main Area, and News and Information Pull Bar.


The NavBar contains main navigation areas and functions. From left to right they are:

* Testplaying
* Rules
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* Testplaying
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* The Circle
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Main Area

From the top to the bottom we have:

* Title
* Main Pane

News and Information Pull bar

From the top to the bottom we have:

* News

New Wiki now On-Line
You can now find ALL information (including NPCs, locations, game logs, etcetera) in-character, and announcements for face-to-face and on-line gaming on our Wiki, replacing Forums and Mailing Lists.
Access the new ShadowWorld Wiki here.
On-line Character Editor
You can now edit an ShadowWorld character online. You can enter your current character and use the editor to evaluate possible different uses of advancement points, or use it to create a new character from scratch.
Underworld becomes ShadowWorld
Underworld, though laying claim to prior use, was renamed to ShadowWorld in the summer of 2002, to avoid confusion with earlier published role playing games with same or similar names.
Base on an idea by Chris King, with additional ideas from Mike Deneweth and Ben Ekdahl. ShadowWorld is © Copyright 1993-2006 Edwin Voskamp.
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