ShadowWorld, a Diceless Role Playing Game

"... our world, except for the Truth that lives in the world of shadows, the ShadowWorld, where Nothing Is What It Seems."


ShadowWorld is a diceless role-playing game (DRPG) that is based in our world. Our world, except that, if you look under the facade of paperwork, politics, political correctness and politeness, there is an ShadowWorld in which strange things happen. These strange things are almost always hidden from or dismissed by the general public.

This ShadowWorld is what all the paranoiacs have been fearing. The supernatural is not really supernatural, it is just that the explanations are kept from the general public. There are many organizations out there that have this information, some are part of the government, some are not. Most of them are compromised of people with powers, psychic powers. They call themselves Psionics. They believe themselves to be the next link in the long chain of evolution: Homo Superior. They hide as Psychic Hotlines, shady intelligence agencies, intellectuals clubs and wear many faces. Some know more than others. All of them are trying to change the world in their own image.

Then, sometimes, there are the victims of circumstance. Genetics, an odd stirring of the gene pool, resulting in that odd one out. People who know they are abnormal and, not knowing about their potential, trying their best to keep it from the public. Sometimes they fail and get hunted down, mercilessly.

New Wiki now On-Line
You can now find ALL information (including NPCs, locations, game logs, etcetera) in-character, and announcements for face-to-face and on-line gaming on our Wiki, replacing Forums and Mailing Lists.
Access the new ShadowWorld Wiki here.
On-line Character Editor
You can now edit an ShadowWorld character online. You can enter your current character and use the editor to evaluate possible different uses of advancement points, or use it to create a new character from scratch.
Underworld becomes ShadowWorld
Underworld, though laying claim to prior use, was renamed to ShadowWorld in the summer of 2002, to avoid confusion with earlier published role playing games with same or similar names.
Base on an idea by Chris King, with additional ideas from Mike Deneweth and Ben Ekdahl. ShadowWorld is © Copyright 1993-2006 Edwin Voskamp.
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